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11 Underused Ways to Reduce Monthly Expenses


Are you looking for ways to save money on monthly expenses? Can you even trim those regular monthly bills?

Why yes, you can!!

When money is tight, you look for any way to save money.

At least I did. I remember one time, I was so desperate to save money that I started washing all my clothes in cold water. It might have made a difference, but it certainly wasn’t noticeable.

These tips, however, will make a noticeable difference in decreasing your monthly expenses!

Reader's Question: What are monthly expenses that could get eliminated or reduced, but are often overlooked?

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In fact, over the course of one year, I was able to save $822.80 in reduced monthly expenses simply by:

  • Lowering my car insurance.
  • Getting rid of unnecessary features on my cell phone plan.
  • Switching to a different internet provider.
  • Bundling cell phone and internet bills.
  • Keeping my AC at a warmer temperature during the peak times.

I was completely blown away at how quickly the savings add up and will continue to work on reducing even more monthly expenses!

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Too often we are lulled into paying the same bills month after month and never stop to think if that bill is even a) necessary or b) the cheapest rate to pay.

But, that doesn’t have to be the case!!

You can reduce your monthly expenses with some intentional thought, giving yourself some financial margin and having some extra money to put towards your money dream!

Switching to a competitor saved me $30 a month!  Click the 'Read More' button. 

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