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14 Powerful reasons a second job will explode your money

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Do you feel stuck with your finances and wish you were making more progress? 

You want to get out of debt and build some savings, but then another bill comes due or an unexpected expense comes up. 

It’s exhausting to work hard and barely have the money you need for the basic needs, unable to make much headway with your money goals. 

If you are motivated to move past the stuck finances, then now may be time to get a second job. 

14 powerful reasons a second job will explode your money

When you are struggling to move beyond just making ends meet and you need something drastic to start progress moving, a part time job can be a great catalyst. 

I found myself in the position where my free-lance work had slowed down just enough to put a squeeze on my finances, especially since the expenses kept increasing, causing me to feel stuck in the same financial place despite all my hustle. 

Almost to the end of paying for my hubby’s school, having several other savings goals in mind, and tired of working so hard only to yo-yo between slipping backwards to barely keeping up, were all reasons why I decided to take a call center job. There comes a time where you have to sacrifice something in order to move more quickly towards your goals. 

While I am very thankful for the extra hours I am able to get, I know working the call center is not a long term career plan for me. However, the reasons a second job helps are huge!

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Reasons A Second Job Helps

  1. You can work your part-time job schedule around your day job
  2. There are opportunities to pick up extra hours
  3. You can earn bonuses
  4. Less travel time when you pick a job close to home
  5. More money comes in on a regular basis
  6. You can make progress quickly on your financial goals
  7. You can build up a financial buffer 
  8. There is less time to shop, so you spend less
  9. You can get paid a differential for holiday hours
  10. You broaden your skills and experience 
  11. No longer are your finances stuck 
  12. Less worry about hours getting cut
  13. The opportunities are endless as to where you pick up extra work
  14. You receive clarity about what you want to do with your life 

Working at the call center has enabled me to make great strides on several financial goals. 

First of all, I made it through the slow period of summer with more hours worked than ever before. Due to all those extra hours, there was enough money to pay for another semester of school in cash. 

Money has been put away in the car repair fund, the 3 month emergency savings, and for other purposes. A sizable amount of money has already been saved for January’s tuition bill. Annual expense accounts are increasing every month, so there won’t be a scramble to pay the bill when due. 

I have had some clarity on what direction I want my life to go, with the desire to put in the work required. Motivation to hustle has returned and there is now an end date in sight to finish paying for school. The progress made in the last few months have renewed hope for quick savings accumulation for post-school money goals. 

Honestly, I have been surprised at how quickly the money adds up and the additional, unexpected benefits that have come with having a part-time job. If I had known all the benefits, I would have applied sooner. 

You don’t have to remain in a stressful place of barely getting by without reaching the financial goals in your life. You can follow a budget and trim expenses, but there comes a time where you need to bring in more money. If you are tired of spinning your wheels, then do something about it and get a part-time job. 

Free-lance work, side jobs, work from home, work online, call center jobs, retail, delivering pizza and the list goes on. There is work all around you. It doesn’t have to be a dream job or even something you do long term. The most important part is you roll up your sleeves and get to work.

I guarantee working extra will change your finances and allow you to start making huge progress on your financial goals. 

See how this second job helped me save over $19,000 in one year!!

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Hi! I'm Charissa. I was able to pay off all my debt, pay cash for my husband's education, and build up my savings-all because of using a budget. I love to share all the budgeting tips I've learned with you so you can have a successful budget too! Read more...

2015-11-09 08:39:29
This is great advice! Sometimes taking on an extra job, even for 6 months or so, can really give you that boost that you need to get ahead. Right now I'm freelancing and trying to grow my blog, but in the past I juggled multiple jobs as well.
2015-11-11 17:19:19
I'll have to check out your site Alexandra! Thanks for sharing.
2015-11-09 17:09:33
I have been surprised at how big the boost is, that I have received from a second job. What do you do for freelancing? My blog is another avenue of potential income I am working on developing as well. Thanks for stopping by Alexandra!
2015-11-09 18:06:55
I do graphic design mostly :) Some photography. If you're interested in checking out any of my work, my freelance site is
2015-11-17 17:35:00
Thank you Kathleen!
2015-11-17 02:22:17
Hi Charissa, thanks so much for being a co-host of The Pinterest Game and for submitting the Pin to this post for a chance to win. All the best. Kathleen
2015-11-30 20:49:50
Charissa, thanks so much for all your budget advice and all the great posts you have shared with us on Fridays Blog Booster Party. I am looking forward to more of your posts on the Blogger's Pit Stop on Friday. Kathleen
2015-12-05 12:34:10
Thank you Kathleen, you are so encouraging!