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35 ways to give yourself a raise


Do you need some extra money to pay down debt or build your savings? 

Why don’t you give yourself a raise?! 

I believe your value should increase the longer you work, as your skills improve, and your compensation should increase proportionally.

Understandably, employers are not always in the position to provide large raises or at times any raises, but there are ways you can give yourself a raise so you can make progress on obtaining your financial goals to get out of debt or build your savings.

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As a freelancer, I do recognize I am in a unique situation and have been able to give myself several raises over the years by picking up more work. However,  everyone should have some way on the side to bring in money and give yourself a raise when needed.

Regardless of your work situation, there are many ways to earn some more money on the side and I have compiled 35 ways to give yourself a raise.

You do have to be creative with ways to earn money and be willing to work, but it is entirely possible to give yourself a raise. Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Acquire more professional certifications in your field

When I became nationally certified, my hourly wage increased substantially. Yes, it does take work, time, and expense to obtain certifications, but it is worth it to increase your pay. Find a mentor or a study group to help you if needed. Take some time to invest in yourself and your potential earning ability.

2. Pick up over-time

Over-time is not fun. You might miss out on something or have to work weekends/nights/holidays, but you can do it. Visualizing your financial goals will give you the motivation to put in some extra hours. Your paycheck will be happy and you will be able to start making progress.

3. Sell your unwanted stuff

Craigslist, Ebay, and yard sales all need to become your new best friends. Have a specific goal in mind for the money you receive from any sales, put the money aside, and watch how quickly you are able to obtain your goal.

4. Get a second job

Deliver pizzas. Babysit. Dog walk. Moonlight as a bartender. The possibilities are endless and you will start to move the needle with the extra income in your pocket. Do you need some ideas? Look here.

5. Do a side hustle

Similar to getting a second job, there are so many opportunities for a side hustle. This is a great list of some ideas. Usually side hustle gigs are more short term; hey, there are a lot of interesting gigs to choose from and you just might find your next career path by trying something new.

6. Get on a written budget.

If you have been reading this blog long, you should be expecting this one. Stop spending money on unnecessary stuff you will just post on Craigslist later. I have found following a zero-based budget to be extremely helpful in controlling my spending where I make a plan as to where every dollar will go before the month begins.

7. Apply for a promotion.

Do you provide great value to your company? Talk to HR about any open positions coming up and take the chance to apply for the new position. Talk to your manager about wanting to move up in the company and what steps you would need to accomplish in order to make those vertical moves happen.

8. Make something and sell it.

Are you crafty? You can open up an Esty store and sell items you make. Or rent a booth at a flea or farmers market and sell your goods there. People love homemade items and are willing to pay a premium for them.

9. Provide a service for someone.

House cleaning, yard work, cleaning up dog poop, or running errands for people. Take inventory and brainstorm how you can use your valuable skills to bring in some extra money. If you provide a service people need, you will find they will be more than willing to pay for receiving a valuable service especially if they do not want to do the task themselves.

10. Start a side business.

Have you always wanted to go into business for yourself? Maybe now is the opportunity to start your dream on the side. I would recommend starting your business with a small amount of cash and working in your free time to build the business, rolling the initial profits back into your business. Your idea could be a winner and it is possible to grow your side business until you make enough to quit your day job.

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