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40 Cheap Ways to Have Fun on the Weekend!

Reader's Question: Help! There's not enough money to do anything fun on the weekend!

Hi there! There have been so many times I was so thankful to have made it to the weekend, but then I didn’t do anything because I didn’t want to spend any money!!

Yes, I’m sticking to a budget, but that doesn’t mean there is no fun to be had! In fact there are a lot of ways you can still have fun and stick to your budget. 

Here are 40 Cheap, Fun Activities with most being far less than $15 dollars!

Fun, cheap activities to do when you don't have any money.  #8 and #27 are crowd favorites! |Cook With a Shoe

Let me just say it, you do have permission to have fun while you are paying off debt or building your savings.

Set a specific amount of money to spend each month and then go enjoy yourself! 

Having some Fun money will make it much easier to make it to the end of paying off all your debt and/or reaching that savings goal you are working so hard to accomplish! 

Even with permission to have fun while you are paying off debt or trying to live on a tight budget, sometimes there is not much money to be had for the fun category. 

When money has been really tight and I wanted to do something fun, I have often found ways to bring in a little bit of extra money. Usually it involves selling some things around my house, but I have done a few side hustles too.

This can be a great option to bringing in some extra money so you can have fun without derailing your budget or debt payoff. 

In this post you will find creative (and inexpensive) ways to have fun in these categories

  • Fun on the Home Front 
  • Fun Out and About
  • Cultural Fun
  • Shopping Fun

Let's get started on erasing the myth that you can't have fun while on a budget! Click the Read More button to go to the next page. 

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