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9 Tips to Using a Whole Chicken to Save You Money!


Saving money in the kitchen is a lot of work!!

Feeding your family is so important and yet, often you run up against the constraints of a grocery budget.

Or the guilt from having overspent at the grocery store.  

Let me tell you a secret, buying a whole chicken is a fantastic way to cut grocery costs!!

Seriously, getting a whole chicken can save you a lot of money and hassle in the kitchen! And who doesn’t want that??!

Trying to cut costs in the kitchen? One of my favorite ways to do that is by cooking a whole chicken! Here are 9 ways a whole chicken will save you money! |Cook With a Shoe

Every week I cook a whole chicken and use the shredded meat in several meals.

This is a great frugal way to put some delicious, nutritious dinners in front of your family every single night!

In fact, I did an experiment to see just how many meals I could get out of one chicken. You might be surprised to see the results!!

(Don’t worry… I won’t leave you in suspense too long! I’ll tell you very soon…)

But first, in the next couple pages, you’ll see how a whole chicken

  • Is easy to cook.
  • Can be the base for several meals.
  • Saves time.
  • Saves money.
  • Helps you cook dinner even faster.
  • And allows you to splurge on other fun menu items!

Let’s start the savings in the grocery store!

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2015-06-01 07:53:19
Great tips! And thanks for the broth recipe, I really need to try it. I love my deep freezer as it allows me to create a nice stock pile of food.
2015-06-01 18:16:46
I don't know what I would do without my deep freezer! I have mine hiding in the extra closet since there is not a lot of room in the apartment. Try making the homemade broth, it's super easy, saves a lot of money, is good for you, and taste delicious! Make sure you add salt to taste. I think you will like it.
2015-06-05 20:08:44
I just love homemade broth and I make it <em>all</em> the time! Another yummy broth is mushroom broth which I make with just vegetables and mushrooms. Thanks for stopping by Agatha!
2015-06-05 18:55:50
Great tips for the kitchen. We do the vegetable stock as well and I find adding the bones is a bonus to it as well!
2015-06-06 21:55:25
You sure got the best out of that chicken. You are the Queen of saving and thanks for bringing your expertise to Fridays Blog Booster Party#9 Kathleen
Debbie Rodrigues
2015-06-07 00:28:47
I pinned it for later. Thanks a lot for sharing it Charissa! #FridayBlogBooster
2015-06-12 06:45:09
These are great tips and that recipe looks wonderful! Think I'll pin and try this! Thank you so much for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty with us!
Angi @ SchneiderPeeps
2015-06-07 18:46:07
This is how we do our chickens also. We're part of a meat co-op and order pastured whole chickens for a couple of months at a time. Thanks for the great tips!
2015-06-08 13:58:25
Making a chicken and using the meat for several meals is one way I keep a handle on my grocery budget. I always enjoying stopping by the Friday Blog Booster Party! Thanks!
2015-06-08 13:59:45
You're welcome! I am sure you will like it Debbie. It makes my life that much easier.
2015-06-08 14:04:19
A meat co-op... I will have to look into that possibility here. I have thought about (eventually) buying a share of a cow or pig for meat, but saving up for it has not come to be a priority as of yet. Roasting a chicken and using it through the week, makes cooking a lot easier!
2015-06-12 20:00:41
Thank you Nicole! This is one of my weekly go-to recipes, it makes my life so much easier!
2015-06-13 06:28:16
These are amazing tips! There is noting quite like slow-roasted chicken or homemade chicken broth!
2015-06-13 09:06:43
Echo, thank you for stopping by! I think comforting is a good word to describe a slow roasted chicken and homemade broth, don't you think?
2015-07-14 06:18:38
How many chickens do you get in a case? Do you just ask the meat guy for the case price or will they know at the register? I just joined Costco this past weekend and am not sure of their practices yet. By the way, I found your site through . Loved your article!
2015-07-14 10:24:25
Hi Amy! I am thrilled to be posting for Don't Waste the Crumbs and am glad you liked the article! There are 10 chickens in a case. You go up to the meat window and ask for a case of the organic whole chickens. The meat guy will get the case, but head's up, a case of organic chickens is not usually in their price book, so it will take him a while to price it. The typical discount is $0.50/per pound off the normal price.
2016-07-07 09:31:23
Since you posted this I've been cooking a whole chicken once or twice a month and I love the savings and amount of meals we can get out of it! Now that it's summer do you have any more summery recipes you make with your whole chicken that you could share?
2016-07-13 20:58:52
Valerie, Yay! That's awesome you are getting several meals and lots of savings out of cooking a whole chicken! I'll definitely work on coming up with some more recipes, however for now, check out my Pinterest board, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Easy Chicken Dinners</a>, for some ideas on summery recipes.