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Experts share their best money and budgeting secrets

Hi there! Did you ever want to know how other people budget successfully and what’s their secret? Wonder no more! I’ve asked some of the top money experts to share their best money and budgeting secrets that help them stick to a budget each month. 

Want to know the best money and budgeting secrets from expert personal finance bloggers? Look no further!  |Cook With a Shoe
Crystal PaineMoney Saving Mom

I’m a big fan of breaking your big goals down into small pieces. Cut it down into the amount you’d need to save each month and then the amount you’d need to save each week. When you look at the weekly amount, it feels much more doable. 

I’m a big advocate of using cash. The beauty of cash is that it gives you instant self-discipline: when the money’s gone, the money’s gone. You can’t go over-budget when you only use cash.

I cannot stress the importance of having some built-in accountability when it comes to budgeting. You need people to help you stay the course, even when the going gets tough.

I am a spender by nature so I find that having multiple savings accounts set aside for specific spending categories helps me stick to a budget every month. Instead of keeping my money in a single account it's separated out into multiple bank accounts labeled, car maintenance, travel, replacements, entertainment, etc.

Then whenever those expenses pop up I can simply take the money out of the appropriate account to pay for them. No more busting my budget on unforeseen expenses or overspending for things I want!​

Carrie Smith Nicholson
Founder of Careful Cents

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I have a set of financial spreadsheets I created so I can track all my finances. In addition to my overall monthly budget, I also track my actual day-to-day spending each month. I love using this spreadsheet and refer to it on a near daily basis!

This spreadsheet really helps me visually! I'm able to view my spreadsheet and have a really good grasp on what my finances look like presently, as well as where I can expect to be financially in the upcoming months.

By using this system, I'm always prepared! I'm able to look at my finances and figure out if I have extra income that I can use towards my emergency fund, an unexpected expense or save for a rainy day!

Kristin Larsen Believe in a Budget

Our financial life took a big turn about 25 years ago. We were broke and had just lost our house. We were still in massive debt and had to live with my parents for a year.

That's when we acknowledged that we really were doing everything all wrong. I began to pay off debt aggressively, to save money consistently, and to pay our bills FIRST and live off what was left instead of vice-versa.

That's about the time I started my side hustles. I've always had a good job with a decent salary, but I've been an EBay seller, had several direct sales jobs and now I'm a blogger and a Pinterest VA. My husband does side work also in addition to his job.

I'm not a particularly strict budgeter and we do spend a bit more than we should. That extra income just helps fill in the gaps and allows us to enjoy life without worrying about every penny.​

Adrian's Crazy Life
Charissa Quade Cook With a Shoe

My budget finally became successful when I made my reason why I was budgeting clear. 

I make a monthly budget where I account for every single dollar that is coming in and then close it out at the end of the month. This definitely helps me stay on track with my savings goals and reach them much faster. 

I love learning from others, especially people who are successfully sticking to a budget, and find it always helps to follow their best money and budgeting secrets if I want to see the same results in my own budget. 

You won’t go wrong when you follow the advice from these personal finance experts and continue to grow in your ability to handle money wisely! 

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What are your best money and budgeting secrets? Tell me in the comments below!

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