1. That magnetic board is really fun, I’ve never seen anything like it before! I try to write out four meal plans for the week, and do my grocery shopping Sunday evening or Monday evening, for most of the week. We leave the other days to use up whatever is on hand, or to make something more extravagant on the weekends.
    The weeks where I don’t bother to have meals listed out never seem to go well at all! They are so much more stressful and we end up eating crap (like plain pasta and tomato sauce), and then feel like crap as a result.
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    • Anne, the menu board is so helpful for me. Now if the board would plan my meals for me and give me a grocery list that would be awesome! My weeks that do not have a menu planned look just like yours and I hate it. I am still working on greater consistency with menu planning, it seems as though I plan a couple of weeks and then I slack off for a couple of weeks. Your idea of ‘planned’ days for leftovers or something extravagant is a good one that I might need to incorporate. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Another awesome blog Charissa!
    I haven’t been planning my weekly menus these days, but when I am following a normal training routine I do.
    Eating before doing the groceries make a huge difference, doesn’t it?
    I also like to list the products in the order they are displayed. We always go to the same supermarket so it is easy.
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    • Thank you Debbie! I do love a weekly menu plan. That is a great idea about listing products in order of the store layout and helps a lot with how long it takes you to shop!

  3. That is a great post Charissa, I am guilty of the scenario that you mention. Buying the little extra ingredients to make a gourmet dinner adds up so fast. Often one could make the same dinner without a lot of the extras and nobody would notice.

    Thank you for the generous mention in your newsletter. Your posts are really good and practical and if I can help get them out there and read then I am happy.
    Fridays Blog Booster Party
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    • Kathleen, thank you for your great feedback on my blog articles and for being wiling to help me share them. I appreciate it so much! Thank you again for featuring my post in your link up.

      There are times I will plan a gourmet meal and buy special ingredients, which is fine, but it’s the unplanned times where the items sneak into your cart that can ruin your budget. You are right about making the dinner without the extras and no one even notices.

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