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How to Use Ibotta to Earn Extra Money

I can’t believe it took me so long. And all the money I missed out on. 

Saving money at the grocery store is one of my absolute favorite things and I get so tickled when I can drastically reduce the total. 

Like that one time, I had a full cart of groceries and only paid 21% of the total price.

My hubby had dropped me off at the store while he went to run an errand. 

He got back just as I was standing in line. His eyes widened with worry when he saw the cart just about overflowing. 

I knew that look and had felt the anxiety of overspending squeeze my chest more than I cared to remember. 

However, this time, I beamed up at him as he started lifting the cereal onto the belt. 

“Your total today is $153.37,” the cashier said as he finished ringing up my purchases. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my husband start to sweat. We really didn’t have that kind of money.

I gave the cashier a handful of wrinkled coupons. The scanner beeped and beeped some more, as the line grew behind me.

That’s the part that always makes me nervous, seeing others behind me with just a couple of items waiting impatiently when I have coupons. 

Saving money at the grocery store doesn’t have to involve a handful of paper coupons, carefully cut out and matched with the items in your cart.
You can learn how the sales work and stock up when prices are at their lowest. Shopping from your pantry and freezer instead of running to the store at the last minute to buy something that you forgot.
After 17 months of couponing, even though I had saved over $3,000, I quit clipping coupons. Not because I was tired of saving money, but because I changed what we ate and started making 95% of everything from scratch.
The time to deal with 6 newspapers for multiple coupons and to track all the matching sales for just toiletries and a few grocery items was too much for me, even though I loved saving money at the grocery store.
I thought Ibotta would be the same. Coupons on packaged foods that I no longer bought. At stores I didn’t shop.
Not worth my time to deal with it.
But I was wrong.

Tricks to earn money with Ibotta

You can get real cash back on every day purchases with Ibotta.
Seriously! After accruing just $20, you can get money deposited into your Paypal account!
Watching your total drop as the coupons scanned is a total high! But getting cash back for purchases you were going to make anyways, yes please!
I love to take any extra money earned from my Ibotta rewards and put it towards my savings for a new car, watching it grow even faster.
With Ibotta, you don’t have to take up so much time with everyone boring holes in the back of your head, wishing they weren’t behind a crazy coupon lady.

How to earn cash rewards with Ibotta

  • First you download the Ibotta app. 
  • Then all you have to do is activate the rewards in the app before going shopping.
  • And then take a super quick picture of the receipt on your phone when you get home. In fact some stores print a QR code on their receipt, making it even easier!
  • The money is credited to your account usually within 2 days.

No coupons. No stress. But hey, if you do like to use coupons, your savings will be even greater.

What can you earn cash rewards on with Ibotta? 

There are tons of rebates for different brands in the groceries, health care, kids and babies, personal care, beverages, clothing.
But as a someone who rarely buys prepared and packaged food, I was surprised to see cash rebates for buying eggs and milk – any brand.
Rebates for produce too. Not to mention organic and specialty brands.
You can get rebates for a percentage of of your entire purchase at other stores, including online stores.
There are even rebates for restaurants!

New deals on Ibotta every week

New deals come out every Wednesday and you have up to a week to scan your receipt.

So if a deal comes out later, you can still get credit for it. Finally a good use for all those receipts that clutter up my desk!

Where can you earn cash rewards from Ibotta

And there are so many participating grocery stores, including Sprouts, where I shop the most.
But Ibotta isn’t only a grocery store app. You can also find rebates at online retailers like Amazon.
And other department stores, even Joann’s.
I couldn’t believe how many hundreds of retailers and restaurants partner with Ibotta.
Why on earth did I wait so long to download the app???

Bonus for just signing up with Ibotta

As a partner with Ibotta, I can get you a $10 bonus to start off your earnings. You’ll be halfway to cashing out your rewards!!
All you need to do is use this link to sign up and redeem one rebate (any brand + any item rebates don’t qualify).
Your rebate must be redeemed within one week of signing up.

Unlock bonus deals to earn money on Ibotta

There are certain promotions where you can earn even more money back with Ibotta for:

  • redeeming so many rewards in a period of time. 
  • purchasing certain brands or amounts. 
  • or hitting a specific goal with your team. 

Earn money on Ibotta when you invite friends

When you sign up with Ibotta, you will get a referral code that you can send to your friends and family.
As soon as they sign up and redeem their first reward, you will get $5 for referring them to Ibotta.
There are bonuses you can earn as you continue to refer others to join.
Plus, the more people on your team, the easier it is to reach the team bonuses together.

Back to my best shopping trip.

The cashier hit total and watched in amazement as this 2.5 foot receipt printed. “Um, your total is now $33.56.” He could hardly believe the numbers in front of him. Checked them again and broke into a big grin. “Wow, that’s amazing!”

A cheesy smile spread across my face. Giddy and so very happy my hubby was there to see how couponing had paid off big time. I sneaked a look behind me and instead of impatience, there was an incredulous look on the faces standing in line too.

I just can’t help but think that I probably could have earned more money back from Ibotta, than I paid the storeif I had Ibotta in addition to all my coupons.

If you like  saving money, earning money back for purchases you were already going to make, then what are you waiting for?

Get Ibotta today and use all those cash rewards to put towards your current money dream. Remember you can get a $10 bonus just for signing up with this link.

Want to see how to earn money and save while shopping online? Click the Read More button and going to the next page. 

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