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How to Make Money and Be Successful Selling on Etsy

How to make money selling on Etsy

Wondering if selling on Etsy is a good option for to bring in some extra money at home? 

Melanie just wanted to make an extra $50-100/month when she started selling on Etsy. Next thing you know, selling on Etsy brought in enough money that she quit her job so she can focus on doing what she absolutely loves- making all aspects of life lovely and teaching others how to have a successful Etsy shop. It's a pleasure to welcome Melanie to the kitchen table. 

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Would you like to make money every month doing what you love (crafting, designing, thrifting, taking photos, etc.)?

 On your schedule?   Without spending loads of cash?

I know I do, or should say I did before I found this wonderful place called Etsy.  

Etsy has fulfilled my dream of working on my schedule and doing what I love while providing a good income.  I will tell you all about selling on Etsy and how I make $3,000 to $7,000 a month on Etsy.  Keep in mind, that I work part time and still make this income.  

If you want to make more, it is entirely possible.

I will walk you through

  • What is Etsy
  • What you can sell on Etsy
  • My 5 best tips to be successful on Etsy
You can make a living selling on Etsy! All the best tips to be a successful seller!  | Cook With a Shoe
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What is Etsy?  

Etsy is a website of sellers who offer items or services for sale.  

What can you sell on Etsy?

 You can sell

  • handmade items,
  • crafts and supplies,
  • vintage items (items made before 1990),
  • and/or services.

 If you knit baby booties, make jewelry, take photographs, design greeting cards or websites, or just have Auntie Em’s old dishes to sell, you can make money by offering it for sale on Etsy.

 The only thing you can’t sell on Etsy are items made from 1991 – today, unless you made them or they are a craft or supply.  For example, you can’t sell a lamp you bought last year, but you can sell a pattern you bought at a craft store last week.

How does Etsy work?

 Each seller sets up their own shop. I know that sounds intimidating, but if I can do it, you can too.  I am known as “technology-challenged” so when I say it’s not hard, I mean it.

I even wrote  step by step directions on how to do it in my post Opening an Etsy Shop – A Step by Step Guide.  

Okay, now for the big question – What does it cost to sell on Etsy?

Setting up your shop is FREE (yes, I said free).

There is a fee for every item you list – a whopping $0.20.  Yes, I said 20 CENTS.  

You list an item for $0.20, which will keep it in your shop for 4 months.  If it doesn’t sell in 4 months, you will renew it for another $0.20.

 Of course, there are fees when you sell your item, which equate to about 9 %-12% of the total. Your buyers even pay the shipping so you don’t have to. 

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How much money can I make when I sell on Etsy?? Click the Read More button…

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About the Author

Hi! I’m Melanie and I’m glad to meet you through my post. I’m a blogger, Etsy shop owner, mom and wife. I enjoy teaching others how to own and operate a successful Etsy shop. You can check out my Etsy shop here. I do this by sharing my experiences having a thriving business to guide you in having a smooth journey to entrepreneurship. Download my free Step by Step Guide to Opening an Etsy Shop I make it all work by having an organized and happy home life, which is the “happy place” where my journey takes place every day. You can read more at my blog Making Life More Lovely .

Kenneth J Reily
2017-06-15 01:12:51
Thank you for sharing! I will try this. This is really cool
2017-06-15 19:27:04
All the best Kenneth! I'd love to hear how it goes. Thanks for stopping by!
2017-06-16 11:43:52
Kenneth, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Let me know if you have any questions. I'd love to visit your shop when you give it a try. Melanie