Hi there and Welcome!! I’m so glad you are here! Seriously, you just made my day and I’m doing a little happy dance.

My name is Charissa and I love helping you create and follow a successful budget so you can pay off debt, build your savings, and reach your money dreams. 

I get so excited when I can talk about money and budgets, especially when I can help you find and enjoy financial freedom, without money stress, just like I have.

You will find lots of encouragement from me along the way with whatever money struggles you have. 

I will do my best to break down all I’ve learned into a simple and no-brainer approach that makes it easy for you to have a successful budget that actually works.

If you are

  • struggling financially
  • know you should budget, but hate every bit of budgeting
  • overwhelmed by the amount of debt you have 
  • hopeless and despair of ever putting money into savings because you just can’t seem to get any traction
  • living paycheck to paycheck, worried and stressed out about money
  • need to come up with some extra money to make ends meet

If you answered yes to any of those statements, you are in the right spot and I can’t wait to help you!

After hanging out with me for a while, you might even find that you actually do like budgeting – because a successful budget will help you pay off debt, build your savings, and enjoy all the things you’ve always wanted to do, but can’t right now because of money stress.

If you like simple, easy, and practical real-life tips on how to live on a budget, pay off debt, build your savings, start a side hustle and reach your money dreams – from someone who’s been there – then you will feel right at home here.

You will find encouragement and support for living frugally as I teach you how you can have a successful budget without money stress. I’m your number one cheerleader and I can’t wait to hear your money success stories!

Here at Cook With a Shoe, I write about all things personal finance and frugal living.

I’ve learned how to successfully budget over the years, which has allowed me to pay off all of my debt, while paying cash for my husband’s education.

At first, I hated budgeting and found it to be so stressful, but then I realized how budgeting was just a tool to use in achieving your financial goals and helped to reduce money stress.

There have been many mistakes that I have made along the way and I am more than happy to share those mistakes with you so you don’t have to learn the same hard lessons on your own, you’re welcome.

The financial freedom and great peace that came from not having any payments has been soo life-changing and has motivated me to continue working a tight budget so I could build up savings and reach my money dreams.

I have budgeted when there was barely enough money to make ends meet and also when there’s been plenty of money to put into savings.

A budget works regardless of your income and I can show you how to have a successful budget.

It all started when my husband and I both brought debt into our new marriage. I had a car loan, he had a credit card balance and student loans.

I was the sole provider on a very small income and my husband was going to school. It was a super stressful and scary time! I was so desperate to save money, just to make ends meet, that I started washing everything in cold water at my lowest point of desperation, just to save a few pennies.

I knew that I wanted to see my husband graduate debt free, so we started cash-flowing his school as not to accrue any more debt. 

Times were pretty tight for a while. Somehow, with God’s provision, I managed to scrape together the funds each semester to pay for tuition and continued paying extra on the debt when I could, but boy was it stressful and a huge burden for me.

A year after we got married, I found Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover and listened to the audio version on my way to work.

YES!!! Finally there was a simple and easy plan on how to pay off debt and budget on an irregular income.

I started to have hope that we could actually become debt free before my husband graduated – and that it was possible to continue living debt free.

Within about 8 months of listening to The Total Money Makeover, we paid off the final debt on March 17, 2010!!!

We were debt free!!

Oh my goodness, the relief I felt, simply from not having any payments, was incredible. Money was still tight, but not even a penny was leaving to go pay down debt.

Since then, we have not gone back into debt for anything. Period.

The longer I go without having payments, the desire to go back into debt for anything has dissipated completely. There is nothing I want bad enough to convince me that I need to go back into debt. for. any. reason.

I continued to put my husband through school with cash and worked to increase my income. Friends and family started asking me questions about how to pay off debt and how to live on a budget.

I quickly realized that I actually like budgeting and am now super passionate about helping others reach the same financial freedom that I have felt for these last few years. Cook With a Shoe was born as a space where I can help others have a successful budget of their own!

–> What’s the story behind Cook With a Shoe anyways? 

When I am not working on my budget, I enjoy watching the sunrise from my balcony garden with a cup of tea every morning and I spend a lot of time cooking yummy, nutritious meals.

I like simple dates with my husband and lots of time with family, always trying to find a balance between working hard and taking time to rest.

Again, thank you so much for joining me here as we strive for financial freedom and peace by having a successful budget!

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I can’t wait to help you have a successful budget of your own!!