Do you want to manage your money well, pay off debt, build savings and reach your money dreams? A budget is the perfect tool that will help you do all this!

I'll show step by step how you CAN have a successful budget with my free course. 
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How to Start the Perfect Blog in 20 Minutes!

Hi there! Are you wanting to jump into the wonderful world of blogging, but you aren’t sure just how to start? 

Well, you are in the right place! I’m here to show you how to get started on your own blog with step by step instructions, that really won’t take you longer than 20 minutes start to finish. 

Starting a blog does seem all kinds of intimidating and scary, but I was really surprised myself when I saw just how easy it was to set up my blog.

Just a few clicks and a little bit of information and you are on your way!! 

Use this FREE Step-by-Step Tutorial to set up YOUR new blog in 20 minutes!! |Cook With a Shoe

Every blog needs to have a hosting company, that will host your blog on the web.

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5. You get a FREE domain for one year! A domain is your web address or the name of your blog so people can find your blog.  (My domain is

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About the Author

Hi! I'm Charissa. I was able to pay off all my debt, pay cash for my husband's education, and build up my savings-all because of using a budget. I love to share all the budgeting tips I've learned with you so you can have a successful budget too! Read more...

2016-08-20 23:36:04
I wanted to write and thank you Charissa for your email about managing on an irregular income - it arrived at a perfect time for me and has helped me to prepare financially in readiness for dropping my income next month.
2016-08-22 16:17:07
You are welcome Lisa! I'm glad it helped you at the perfect time. You can do it!