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Proven Secrets to Reduce Money Stress

One of the scariest aspects of budgeting are those months when you just don’t think you are going to make it! I have found 4 secrets to reducing money stress over the years.

In my business, there are four months throughout the year that tend to be much slower for work, with three in a row during the summer.

Oh how I would stress about those summer months and almost make myself sick wondering if there’d be enough work/income to keep my family afloat.

4 simple things will reduce your money stress and help increase financial margin.

Any savings accumulated would often get wiped out by the end of summer as I waited for the increase in work to finally show up as income.

The next couple of months were often spent trying to get back on track financially and recovering from the summer.

Four simple things helped to balance out and increase my income while greatly reducing the stress of those lean months.

  1. Prioritizing expenses in my budget and following the budget every month.
  2. Reducing set monthly expenses as much as possible.
  3. Paying off all debt.
  4. Diversifying income sources.

These four things will reduce the stress of money being tight and make it easier to thrive. I know it! I’ve seen it in my own life.

Why does a prioritized budget work so well? 

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Hi! I'm Charissa. I was able to pay off all my debt, pay cash for my husband's education, and build up my savings-all because of using a budget. I love to share all the budgeting tips I've learned with you so you can have a successful budget too! Read more...