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How a Year of Rest Resulted in an Amazing Life Transformation

Have you picked a Word for the Year before? 

This was my first year to pick a word – Rest – and I was blown away at how powerfully a simple word shaped and changed my daily routine, my entire year, my heart and ultimately my life. 

When I picked Rest for my word of the year in 2016, I was exhausted, stressed, and burnt out. I simply wanted to rest – oh how I needed rest.

Do you pick a Word of the Year? It can be a powerful way to change your life. |Cook With a Shoe

Self-care was something I started to learn and put into my daily life by adding margin into my schedule, eating lunch at a park, gardening, and moving intentionally.

I went through Make Over Your Mornings, a 14 day course to more productive mornings. I started making time to exercise daily- a first, and established the three or four main things I needed to accomplish before leaving for work each morning. Simple changes, but I loved it!

This course not only helped me establish a better routine in the mornings, but working through it, I realized I am enough. I don’t have to be anything more and I don’t need to be everything to everyone.

Make Over Your Mornings was instrumental in seeing sudden clarity come about with my life’s direction and purpose.

Between my word of Rest and the clarity I received when taking Make Over Your Morning, I saw huge changes in my life. 

Changes that will have a lasting impact on me and have taken me in a different life direction. 

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