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How You CAN Save Money on a Low Income!

Reader's Question: How can you save if you are on a lower income? Where do you start?

Hi there! Trying to save money on a low income? 

Yeah, it’s tough. Really, really tough. Instantly, I can go back to feeling the stressful realities of a low income and desperately trying to save money to pay for the next school semester. 

There were household bills, car repairs, school, and debt payments. Did I mention I was self-employed with a variable income, which meant paying my own taxes and higher health insurance premiums? And I was the only one working? 

 *Deep breath*

But it is possible to save money on a low income!! 

Think you can't save money on a low income??? WAIT! You can save money and changing the way you think will allow you to save money, even on a low income!!

Saving money has more to do with changing your mindset, than it does with the amount you are able to put into your savings account.

It took me a while to learn this lesson, but it has become much more valuable as I have been able to put it into practice.

You can be successful with saving money, even on a low income, when you can change the way you approach savings. 

How do you change your mindset about saving money?

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