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3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Amazon


How to save money on Amazon

Who else wants to save money wherever they can and even learn how to save money on Amazon?

Are you an Amazon shopper? I just love shopping on Amazon and the convenience of having everything delivered to my door.

But I also love finding ways to save money on Amazon. Today, I have three ways you can save money on Amazon while you are shopping online.

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Shop Amazon Prime Day 2017!!

Amazon Prime Day starts on 6pm PST on July 10th and runs through the whole day on July 11th, 2017!

 There are lightening fast deals as well as special deals for many other items. Click here to see all their great deals!

But, in order to get access to all the great deals on Amazon Prime Day, you need to have a current Prime membership.

However, if you don’t have one or haven’t had a Prime membership in 12 months, you can sign up for a free 30 day Prime trial here, so you can take advantage of all the great deals!

Amazon has put together a Prime Day Insider Guide to help you make the most of Prime Day. 

Now, here are some great ways you can save money on Amazon!

1. Activate Ebates when you shop online

Ebates is a browser extension or a mobile app that will give you up to 3% cash back from shopping at Amazon (though sometimes it will even be up to 7% cash back) if you activate the app or start your shopping by going to Ebates, and then clicking through to Amazon. 

When you first sign up with Ebates, you will get a bonus $10 cash back upon your first online transaction with my referral link.  Ebates can be used with hundreds of stores, not just at Amazon, both online and in-store.

Ebates provides you with coupon codes as well as cash back, not to mention there are double % days where you can increase your cash back.

You will receive a Big Fat Check directly into your Paypal account quarterly and payout starts at just $5.01!

The best part about Ebates is that you can add an extension to your browser and then anywhere you are shopping, you will get a notice asking you to activate the Ebates app, just 2 extra clicks, and you will get a percentage of your purchase price added to your Ebates account, often the very next day!!

So far I have earned $69.21 in cashback with just 12 online transactions!!

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2. Shop Amazon through Ibotta

Ibotta is a nifty app that will give you a cash rebate when you start your Amazon shopping through through the app. You can use both mobile and your computer.

You can also use Ibotta to get cash back at hundreds of other grocery stores, other retailers and online stores by scanning your receipts into the app or shopping directly through the app.

You can unlock various bonuses each week and earn even more money when you are a part of a team.

Join the Cook With a Shoe Ibotta team and you will get a $10 credit to get you started. Plus as part of my team, it will be much easier to make the weekly bonuses, since we are all working together.

Once you have $20 credited to your account, you can cash it out in the form of a deposit into your PayPal account or a gift card.

>>>Sign up for Ibotta here and get your $10 credit<<<

3. Let Honey search and apply coupon codes for you

Honey is another browser extension that will search coupon codes for what’s in your cart and try to apply ones that work to save you money.

It also will search the products in your cart across different online retailers to see if Honey can find a better deal somewhere else for you.

Honey partners with thousands of online retailers to search and apply the best deal for you to help you save money. You will get cash back rewards if Honey is able to save you money.

You can cash out your rewards in the form of an Amazon gift card when you reach 1,000 golds (Honey currency) where 100 golds equals $1.

>>>Start saving money with Honey here<<<  

Enjoy shopping on Amazon a little bit more with all these savings that you can activate! 

Thank you for your support by shopping through my affiliate links! 

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