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I Saved $953 by Making 2 Phone Calls!

February 2016 Savings Report

I saved $953.16 in one year by making two phone calls! 

A year ago, my internet service was going to hike their rates. Again!

Money was tight at the time and plus I was on a mission to see how much I could save. So a phone call to the competitor gave me a substantial drop in the monthly rate!!

Tip: Check out the competitors rates to see if you can find some great savings! 

The second phone call was to condense my cell phone plan. I was using two phones, one for personal and one for business, all for taxes’ sake, plus my husband had his cell phone. 

Just two phone calls to condense my cell phone plan and switch internet providers resulted in a savings of $953 over a year!!

Getting rid of one phone, and condensing our plan, dropped our cell phone bill by more than $60/month! 

Tip: Call your cell phone provider to discuss all the options you are currently paying for, and get rid of anything you aren’t using! 

In the process of switching to the new internet service provider, we found out that if we bundled the cell phone and the internet service into one bill, there would be an additional $5 savings. Yes please! Sign me up!

But Wow!! I knew we were saving money each month, but if it wasn’t for writing up these monthly savings reports, I would have never known that I actually saved a total of $953.16 in one year just from making two phone calls!! 

Tip: Can you bundle any services for a discount? 

Tracking my savings each month, and how much over a year, has been life changing for me!! It has completely blown me away. 

So how much did I save in February??

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Debbie Rodrigues
2016-03-23 13:27:46
You now reminded me that I still need to cancel my gym subscription since I'm doing CrossFit 100% now. It's not much, but it's money wasted, so not good.
2016-03-27 21:03:45
Glad to help Debbie! Those small monthly amounts really do add up over time.