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The Best Apple Pie. Ever.


The Best Apple Pie. Ever.

Hello there! I bet you’re looking for the Best Apple Pie recipe you’ve been drooling over! Believe me, you will absolutely love this delicious pie- with warm cinnamon-y apples and a crumble topping! 

Everyone loooves this Apple Pie!! Seriously, there are no leftovers and you get asked to make it again and again!! Be a rockstar with this easy recipe!!|Cook With a Shoe

Here are the things you will LOVE about the Best Apple Pie!

  • When you take it to holidays, birthdays or really any gathering, you will be a rock star!
  • Everyone will love it soo much, they will all be asking for the recipe!
  • Or, they will just ask you to bring it again to the next gathering!
  • Your apple pie will be such a hit, there will be very little leftover, if any!
  • The amount of sugar has been reduced so now there really is more apple-goodness in each bite than sugar. 
Everyone loooves this Apple Pie!! Seriously, there are no leftovers and you get asked to make it again and again!! Be a rockstar with this easy recipe!!|Cook With a Shoe

The Best Apple Pie recipe has been in my family for years! My grandma taught me how to bake pies when I was a little girl and this was one of the first pies I learned how to make.

As I grew up and started bringing this pie to family gatherings and holidays, everyone loved it soo much they ask me to bring it all. the. time!! Usually there is just a few crumbs left at the end of the night, people like it that much! 

It is super yummy when you top a fresh-from the oven warm slice of apple deliciousness with homemade vanilla ice cream!! 

The secret to perfectly thin apple slices every time

I use a food processor to slice my apples.

Seriously, it takes waay too much time to slice all the apples by hand, especially when you have to make the pie as many times as I do.

The slices are perfectly thin and and all your apples are sliced in less than 2 minutes when you use a food processor!! 

Don’t have one? Check out this one on Amazon that I LOVE! 

When you make your apple pie, just try the food processor and see how you like it. 

I promise it will be the best kitchen hack ever and you won’t regret it! Plus you can use the food processor for chopping, dicing, slicing, and even making french fries! I use mine all the time. 

Everyone loooves this Apple Pie!! Seriously, there are no leftovers and you get asked to make it again and again!! Be a rockstar with this easy recipe!!|Cook With a Shoe

If you are taking the Best Apple Pie to any gathering, a pretty pie dish is A MUST!

Because, I get almost as many compliments on the pie dish as I do on the pie itself, I think you really do need this! Here’s what I LOVE about this pie dish. 

  • The ceramic pie dish cooks your pie perfectly and evenly! 
  • The pie dish is so pretty, you can serve the pie directly at the table!
  • It is super easy to clean!
  • And it’s the perfect size/depth for the Best Apple Pie!

Up next, these amazing Sour Cream Enchiladas were served at my wedding! 

 Everyone loooves this Apple Pie!! Seriously, there are no leftovers and you get asked to make it again and again!! Be a rockstar with this easy recipe!!|Cook With a Shoe

5.0 from 5 reviews
The Best Apple Pie. Ever.
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1 pie
This Apple Pie will be a hit every where you take it. There will be zero leftovers and you will be asked to make it again and again!!! It is delicious!
  • ¼ cup of sugar
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • 2 Tbs tapioca
  • 5-6 cups of apples, peeled, cored and sliced
  • 1 Tbs lemon juice
  • 2 Tbs butter

  • Topping:
  • ¾ cup flour
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 3 Tbs butter
  • 1 tsp cinnamon

  • 9" deep dish pie crust
  1. Pre-heat oven to 400'
  2. Peel, core, and slice apples
  3. Mix apples together with sugar, cinnamon, tapioca, salt and lemon juice
  4. Heat apple mixture to steaming
  5. Put apples in prepared 9" deep dish pie crust
  6. Dot apples with butter
  7. Topping:
  8. Mix flour, sugar, butter, and cinnamon together until crumbly.
  9. Spread topping on apples to cover
  10. Bake at 400' for 45-55 minutes.
You can use any kind of apples and the pie still turns out delicious.

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2015-02-16 08:41:56
This looks amazing! I never even thought to use my processor to slice the apples, great tip!
2015-02-16 15:12:30
Now I'm craving apple pie at work! I'll have to pick up some apples and try making this soon....VERY VERY SOON!!!!
2015-02-16 22:04:46
Thank you Kristin. I do not need to brag about how delicious it is; all my family and friends will do that for me:-). Using the food processor is almost as essential as the apples. You will never go back to slicing it with a knife. P.S. You make an interesting argument about keeping Cable.
2015-02-16 22:08:28
Hahaha! I hope your work day was able to get productive again, Valerie, without scheming too much about how you could make it work to go home over lunch and bake an apple pie! Let me know how your pie turns out.
Angi @ SchneiderPeeps
2015-02-21 13:17:57
This looks fabulous! I love that your family is so generous with their recipes, I've never understood the "family secret" recipes either.
2015-02-22 15:38:29
Thanks Angi. I would much rather share recipes and let another person shine when they make my recipe.
Kim Hilbert
2015-05-30 03:02:22
I'm not really a pie person, but this does look good. I prefer crumbles, and the apple part of the recipe would be great for that.
Teresa (embracing the spectrum)
2015-05-30 04:19:43
Looks DELICIOUS!! I love apple pie. Visiting from the Booster Party.
2015-05-30 17:21:37
Hi Kim, if you are talking about what I call an apple crisp, I love those too! In fact, I make one which my friend renamed 'Sin on a Fork Bite'. Really, it's the apples, the spices, and the topping that makes it delicious regardless of being pie, crumble or crisp! Thanks for stopping by!
2015-05-30 17:22:29
Why thank you Teresa! (Not bragging or anything, but it is DELICIOUS!:-)
Jody Cowan
2016-02-13 17:14:42
This looks delicious! I love this kind of topping! I think I'll make this tomorrow. I have to go to the store, anyway, so I'll get what I need. Thanks! I just got back from Apache Junction. My sister lives there now, I'm in Georgia. I love it there! In the winter, that is. lol We went to Sedona!!
2016-02-13 17:55:58
Hi Jody, without sounding like I am bragging, this pie <em>is</em> delicious! Everyone loves it! Let me know how it turns out. You picked a great time to visit Arizona, the weather has been beautiful lately, and Sedona is always beautiful. I am glad you had a great trip!
Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle
2016-08-05 02:17:42
Apple pie is so good and yours looks like it would not disappoint. Apples are so versatile and how ever they are dished up it is so yum. Kathleen Bloggers Pit Stop
Carol Cassara
2016-08-04 19:51:02
I love me a great apple pie! And that really is a gorgeous pie plate. I've given similar pie plates as gifts.
Sam @ A Happy Home In Holland
2016-08-07 07:58:19
Sounds and looks delicious - I really need to try this recipe :)
Helen Fern
2016-08-07 11:33:13
oh my this does look wonderful!! Would love to have you come and share on the What's for Dinner link up!
2016-08-09 21:27:14
You can't beat a good apple pie! I love your idea, Carol, about giving a pretty pie plate as a gift! I'm thinking a wedding shower with the recipe inside.
2016-08-09 21:27:54
You are right Kathleen! Apples are yummy in any recipe.
2016-08-09 21:33:31
Sam, you should try it!! You will be very happy you did! Thanks for stopping by!