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4 Things That Need to be at the Top of Your Budget

Do you want to know what the 4 most important essentials are that you absolutely must have at the top of your variable income budget??

Or any budget for that matter. 

If these 4 are listed first, hands down, you will ALWAYS have enough money to take care of your family and you can reduce so much stress and worry every single month, even if your income is all over the place!

Why? Because you will pay the 4 most important essentials FIRST! 

You need to have these 4 items at the TOP of your budget!! Your stress will go down when these are in the right order! |Cook With a Shoe

A variable income can be super scary. You worry if you can provide for your family and make ends meet. 

You wonder if you will be able to bring in enough money each month. You start to doubt your own ability. 

I totally get it! I’ve have been a sole provider for my family for 8 1/2 years with a variable income. I’ve been though all the doubts and worry myself. 

They are normal feelings and fears, anyone with a variable income faces. 

But, it doesn’t have to be that way!! 

You are doing a great job of providing for your family and putting these four expenses at the top of your budget will remove so much worry from your mind!!

Ok, ok, I won’t hold you in any more suspense.

The absolute 4 essentials that need to be at the TOP of your budget every month are:

  • Food
  • Lights/Water
  • Housing 
  • Transportation

When these 4 things get paid first, you can face just about anything that comes your way, because you no longer need to worry about providing for your family’s basic needs!

Not sure how much you spend on food? This tip will help, just click the 'Read More' button. 

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