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5 Valuable Lessons Improved the Gift of My Debt Free Life

5 valuable lessons learned from being debt free

Hi there! This week I celebrate my 7th year of being completely debt free and I have learned some valuable lessons along the way. 

That’s right, for the last seven years since I have paid everything off…. I haven’t gone back into debt for anything and it is simply amazing!

There are absolutely zero car payments… student loans… credit card debt… medical debt…. Or any other debt in my life!!

And the best part is… this can happen to you too! You CAN become completely debt free and continue to live WITHOUT any debt whatsoever!

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YESS! Celebrating 7 years of being debt free with ZERO Payments at all! It is possible to have a debt free life... click through to see how! |Cook With a Shoe

Living debt free has completely changed my life and has given me a passion-filled mission to help as many people, just like yourself, to find the freedom that comes from not.having.a.single.payment.

It is my hope that these valuable lessons I have learned will help you as you become debt free and continue to live without any payments! 

Benefits of being debt free

  • Way LESS money stress
  • Full control of your greatest asset, your income
  • Budgeting is much easier
  • You have life options
  • You CAN have and reach big money dreams
  • You continue to handle money wisely


Every year when I reach March 17th, I am so overwhelmed and so grateful for the peace of being debt free – incredulous really – that this is my life and now I can help you become debt free too!

I want to celebrate this year by giving away two free copies of my new e-book, Budgeting Made Easy: Thriving on Any Income.

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But first, I want to share 5 valuable lessons I have learned from being debt free for 7 years. (Click the read more button to go to the next page)

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Hi! I'm Charissa. I was able to pay off all my debt, pay cash for my husband's education, and build up my savings-all because of using a budget. I love to share all the budgeting tips I've learned with you so you can have a successful budget too! Read more...

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