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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $11

Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate and shhh, you can still have a fabulous time, without breaking the bank!

Yes, it is fun to have a date with your special someone, but I have found that it is also super fun to give a special Valentine to the kids in your life or someone who needs a little encouragement.

Actually, giving a sweet gift without expecting anything in return is one of the most enjoyable things I do. Making someone else’s day is such a blessing to me as the giver.

Make these Valentine Day gifts for your sweetie (all for less than $11!)  |Cook With a Shoe

Photo credit by Around My Family Table,  A Whimsicle Life Used with Permission. 

Here is a collection of treats, gifts, and crafts you can give to all the special people in your life or have at your Valentine’s Day party, even on a limited budget. Enjoy!


What is it about a special treat that brightens the day?

You can split each recipe as a Valentine’s gifts for several people, making the cost per gift even cheaper. Or if you are having party, these are awesome items to include on your menu and will impress your guests! 

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Skewers_Celebrating Family

Photo credit by Celebrating Family.. Used with Permission. 

Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Skewers

You had me at Strawberries and the Chocolate! I love the look of anything on a skewer, and these Valentine’s Day Skewers are no exception.

At $5 to make 8 skewers and only three ingredients, you can easily assemble them for a classy presentation! These would be great as a gift for friends or to share at your party. 

–>Click here for the full directions. 

Check out all the rest of the amazing treats on the next page! Click the Read More button...

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