Do you want to manage your money well, pay off debt, build savings and reach your money dreams? A budget is the perfect tool that will help you do all this!

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4 Reasons Your Budget is Failing (with simple fixes)

Is your budget failing? 

I can totally relate! For years, I felt like I was absolutely failing with my budget. However, I figured out the best way to budget and started realizing that a budget was a powerful, helpful tool, not a measuring stick showing me how I was failing. 

If you find yourself making these common mistakes, don’t worry. I will share four simple fixes because I really do want to see your budget succeed! 

For a long time, it was a huge struggle to to make any progress towards my money dreams- I even despaired of ever seeing them accomplished.

Just when I had some savings built up, a super tight month with a lot of expenses would come along and wipe out all my savings. Talk about discouraging.

I worked so hard, yet there was so little to show for the effort.

Tell me I am not the only one who’s had this happen!

Yet, now I look back and am so thankful I never gave up. My husband will have graduated without owing a dime for his education.

I’m building up a three month emergency fund and there’s a plan to save up the cash for a new vehicle within the next year.

I mention these money dreams simply to tell you that it is possible to reach your dreams too, regardless of the size of your income.

Even in the midst of some really tight years, where I had to make every penny scream, following a prioritized budget allowed me to pay off all debt and pay cash for my husband’s education

But there are a couple common mistakes people make when trying to budget which thwarts being able to reach their money dreams.

The good news is these mistakes are easy to fix!

Are you making these common mistakes? 

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