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5 Ridiculously Valuable Benefits From a Simple Side Hustle You Need to Know

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You need a simple side hustle if you’ve cut everything you can and still aren’t making ends meet

If you are trying to budget on a tight income and you have cut every expense you absolutely can, but it is still a struggle to make ends meet, you need a simple side hustle.

I looked at my budget and staggering amount of money I needed to bring in just to cover all the bills, then looked at the freelance jobs I had lined up for the month- not nearly enough to cover.  How was this going to work??

On paper, it looked like an impossibility. There were bills to be paid and another semester was looming in the near future, needing several thousands of dollars to pay for tuition. 

5 terrific reasons why a simple side hustle will skyrocket your income and help remove the money pinch, pay off debt fast, and build your savings!

The stress was making my eye twitch and it was hard to breathe. I know that God has always and would provide, but at the moment it was a struggle to trust. I needed a side hustle.

I started asking God to provide more work for me and He did – as a freelancer, I knew that if I worked more, I would get paid more. My biggest side hustle was picking up more client appointments.

First, I reached out to contract with more agencies. I began advertising my services and working directly with businesses, bypassing the agency completely which allowed me to charge a higher rate, which was still cheaper than hiring me through the agency.

My hours of service were extended to pick up early morning, evening and weekend jobs.

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At times, I would also go through my house and sell items that I no longer needed.

This blog was also started as a simple side hustle. It still is a side hustle, but I am currently bringing in enough monthly through affiliate sales and my book to cover all blogging expenses!! I would looove to grow this blog and help more people have a successful budget that I can earn a viable income from it and stay home. One day. 

Another side hustle I did, was to get a part time job for 9 months which brought in $15,000. 

You know having a simple side hustle really worked!

I was able to increase my income substantially over the next couple of years, upwards of $5,000-$10,000 each year, from side hustles, which has helped eliminate money stress because I kept my lifestyle pretty much the same.

The extra income from all of my various side hustles have contributed greatly to being able to pay cash for my husband’s education and live debt free for the last seven years. 

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And now for the 5 reasons you need a side hustle and how it will completely change your finances! Click the Read More button…

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