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How to Make Easy Money on Fiverr: Tips From an Expert

How to make easy money from Fiverr

Earning extra money on the side can take so many different forms, as my good friend Adrian has found over the years, but to make easy money on Fiverr takes cake!

​Even if you have a good job, there are times where extra money is helpful. One great way to have a side hustle that fits your schedule and your skills is Fiverr.  Adrian has done really well on Fiverr and is here to show how you can earn money through this creative venue. It is a pleasure to welcome Adrian to the kitchen table. 

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Hi, my name is Adrian of and I am a big believer in the side hustle.  I’ve done numerous side hustles over the years, but I think Fiverr has been my MOST profitable side hustle and also one of the easiest to use.

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The thing I like about Fiverr is that you can be extremely creative with the services you offer. Yes, there are lots of Fiverr sellers who are very smart or very talented.  

You can find people to build you a website or create a video from scratch for your product, design a logo or a t-shirt design, do a terrific voice over in any accent imaginable. But there are also folks who will sing Happy Birthday to your friend while wearing a silly hat, who will put your product logo on a picture of their iguana, or who will send you positive psychic vibrations.  

Other than naughty stuff (which is against their Terms of Service), you can find a Fiverr seller who will do, well pretty much ANYTHING!

And that’s good news for you, because you can make easy money on Fiverr doing something fun and/or helpful- really whatever you would like. 

MY strangest gig was making catnip pillows for cats.

I had just bought a sewing machine and I wanted some practice.  So I made about a dozen little pillows from scraps and filled them with some stuffing with a pinch of catnip.  Sounds crazy, but eventually, I sold them all (well, except for the one MY kitty stole and hid under the sofa!).

Talk about making easy money on Fiverr!

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Photo credit by Adrian's Crazy Life. Used with permission. 

Here are some of the more successful gigs I’ve done to make easy money on Fiverr:

Some of these gigs have been wildly successful and some of them, not so much.  The interesting thing about these gigs is that the profitability of the gig often has very little to do with the amount of work you need to do.

Those first two writing gigs were very popular and paid quite well, but they required hours of work for each gig, so I stopped doing them after a while.  

Some of the others only take a few minutes to complete and I can charge about the same amount, so it makes sense to balance the time commitment with the prices you set.

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But you can only charge $5 per job right?? Well that’s a common myth, see how much you can actually charge on the next page. Click the Read More button…

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