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How to Make Money and Be Successful Selling on Etsy (2)

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How much money can I make selling on Etsy?

How much money you make is completely up to you, the product or service you sell, and how much time and effort you can spare.  

For example, if you sell $50 sterling silver one of a kind handmade earrings you will may make more than someone who sells $5 handmade earrings.  

My husband and I sell items priced $5 to $1,500 so we may make more than someone who sells only $5 items.  

I would say research your niche and find out what others are selling and how much they are making.  

Some of the most successful shops on Etsy are shops that sell supplies so even though they sell their items for under $10, but it’s because they have a huge volume.  There are many variables so doing your research is a must.

Is it really possible to earn a living on Etsy?

Lastly, you are probably wondering if this is really possible.  There are numerous success stories of sellers who are making a part-time or full-time income on this selling platform, but I will share mine so you know it’s real.

My goal was to make $50-$100 extra a month just to supplement my teaching salary.  The first month on Etsy I sold 1 item and made $14, second month $376, third month $350 and now I have grossed over 4 figures every month for the past 4 years (our average is over $4,000 every month).   

I was able to more than replace my teacher’s salary and left teaching to sell items on Etsy instead, doing what I love to do. 

This is working 10-20 hours per week. Can I guarantee these results?  

No, because your results will vary depending on you, the items you sell, how much time and energy you have to spare, etc., but wouldn’t you be happy with an extra $50 or $100 (and the potential for so much more) doing what you love?

If so, then an Etsy shop may be a good place to start your own business.  To be sure selling on Etsy is right for you, please read the What Etsy Is and What Etsy is NOT below:

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What Etsy IS:

  • a great way to have your own business to add income to your current budget without a huge investment
  • a great source of income if you want to stay home with your children
  • a great way to be your own boss
  • a great way to work on your schedule
  • a creative outlet if you make handmade products or offer a service
  • a great way to put your business skills to use
  • will boost your confidence – that first sale is such a rush!


What Etsy is NOT:

  • Etsy is not a get rich quick scheme.
  • Etsy is not completely free, but it is affordable.
  • A walk away business.

You will not be successful overnight.  There will be times when you want to throw in the towel (we did), but if you are committed and have products people want, you will increase your sales.

Then you can do what you love and have it make money for you too. We are successful because we have put our heart and soul into our business. 

This is not a business where you list something and walk away until it sells.  Be willing to do the work and keep your shop current, answer questions from buyers and market your shop.

Still have questions if selling on Etsy is right for you? Read Is an Etsy shop right for you.

Now let’s get into my best tips for making the sale on Etsy! Click Read more…

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