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6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries (2)

I love this next tip to save money on groceries and I do it all the time! 

3. When an item is on sale- Stock Up!

Sales are your friends!! When an item is on sale, stock up! Buy as many as you will use, and can afford, until it goes on sale again.

This strategy works really well for canned goods as well as meat. You can do this with some produce and dairy, especially if you are going to freeze them.

However, be careful stocking up on too many fresh items if you just plan on eating them, so you don’t buy too much and waste money when it spoils.

Now, you can go ‘shopping’ from your pantry/freezer when you need an item and it will help prevent the “Oh no! I’m in the middle of cooking dinner and I need _____  for the recipe! Honey, can you run to the store for me?” moment.

Think how much it costs to drive to the store and pay full price for just one can of soup… and you never just get out of the store with one can of soup!

I often stock up on meat when it’s on sale. I will portion out the meat and freeze it so I can quickly grab and thaw one package for dinner.

Save money at the grocery store with these easy tips anyone can do with or without coupons! | Cook With a Shoe

4. Get a rain check and use it!

  • If the store is out of an item or out of the flavor that you want… Get a rain check. Every single time.
  • If you wanted to stock up because the item is on sale, and there’s only 2 cans left… Get a rain check.
  • If meat was on sale, but everyone else already beat you to it and there’s nothing left… Get a rain check.

When the item is a sale item, make sure that the cashier includes the sale price on the rain check, and  if you have a coupon for that item, attach it to the rain check so you won’t forget to use it.

Now that you have the rain check, make sure to pay attention to the expiration date and redeem it before it is expired.

I keep all my rain checks in my cash envelope wallet in the grocery section so I remember to use it up in time.

I especially like to get rain checks for meat that is on sale (when the store does not have enough in stock) and then use the rain check later at my convenience, waltzing in and happily buying 10 pounds at full price, then using my magic rain check to save loads of money!

5. Earn ‘money’ at drug stores!

Get in the habit of using your drugstore rewards to purchase other items for which you will get another reward coupon, stacking manufacturing coupons with the reward coupon for even more money off!

This practice will keep your out of pocket cost to a minimum and you will constantly be rolling the reward coupons for future purchases.  Do not let these rewards expire!

I regularly got toiletries for free or paid pennies on the dollar by rolling my drugstore rewards. It was so much fun! 


6. Learn the best shopping secrets from an expert…Enter Grocery University

Grocery University is such a well-rounded and comprehensive course that it will help everyone from the most experienced coupon shopper to a newbie who doesn’t want to clip coupons at all – save 20-50% on groceries!

It is a 2 hour +, easy to listen to audio course designed to help you drastically reduce your grocery spending by 20% up to even 50%!

I love that you can listen to these mp3 lessons anywhere, and even on the go, learning how to implement the best strategies so you can save money at the grocery store every trip.

Along with in depth training taught by an expert, you will get a 40 page workbook filled with tips and scenarios as well as a The Grocery University Rock Bottom Price Database, all as an instant download and start saving 20-50% on your grocery bill – all for less than $10!!

Using these tips, your grocery budget can be one of the easiest categories to control as you save money each month on food and make the money you do spend go much further!

Here are some delicious and frugal recipes to help you save even more money on groceries! 


What are your favorite ways to save money at the grocery store? Tell me in the comments!!

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