Saving Money Like A Boss

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard! Anyone can save money and here are a collection of tips designed to help you save money like a boss! 

Whether you are trying to save money by reducing your expenses or you are saving for something big, becoming a saver is completely possible. 

I was frustrated. I’d been working so hard, trying to save money wherever possible, so there would be enough money to pay cash for my husband’s education. 

And I wanted to build up my 3 month emergency fund, save for a new vehicle, and be able to save money for a down payment on a house. 

Yet, my bank accounts still didn’t have much money in savings. 

What was I doing wrong??

Something needed to change. 

I am a saver. 

An idea came to me. What if I tracked every dollar I was able to save each month, so I could see just how much I was putting into savings. 

You know what? 

This simple exercise completely changed how I approached savings! Saving money became a game and all the sudden I started noticing more ways I could add to my savings. 

Saving Money on Household Expenses

At first, I didn’t think that I could cut my household expenses and save money on those regular bills. 

But, I was wrong. 

You can find savings by negotiating a discount, switching to a new provider, or even something as drastic as turning up the temperature on the AC when you aren’t home. 

Savings Tracker

Saving Money on Groceries

Great Savings Experiment

Remember, how I started tracking every dollar saved.

If I didn’t spend as much as I had budgeted for the month – I put the money into savings. If I had worked more and had more income, above my regular bills  – I put money into savings.  If I negotiated a monthly expense to be a lower rate – I put the difference into savings. If I got a refund or found some random money – this got added to my savings. 

I did this for an entire year! 

Boy was I surprised at how much I was able to save. 

Want to guess???

I saved $19,248.60!!! In one year!  

I documented my great savings experiment each month as you will find below (the beginning of my journey starts at the the bottom). 

Emergency Savings

You CAN budget successfully, even when money is tight! A budget is going to be the best tool to help you live well on a tight income so you can reach your money dreams.