Do You Want to Reach Your Savings Goal Even Faster? Color Your Way to Increased Savings!

(A proven method that will help you)

Watch your savings grow by leaps and bounds as you see progress each month!

Tracking your savings by coloring in an image will increase your motivation to save more money, causing you to reach your savings goal even faster.

"You will be surprised at how quickly your savings grows when you are  using a color page to track your progress."

Coloring in my savings progress has changed my life!

I started coloring in this picture to show all the savings for my hubby's last year of school. Each space represents $200 saved and this picture is after one month of coloring my progress.

This is for you if...

If you have savings goals and dreams, but feel discouraged because you  feel like you're going backwards two steps for every one step forward taken towards building up your savings. 

  • You want to save money for an emergency fund, for a new car, for a vacation, for retirement, for your kid's college, or anything else, but the goals seem overwhelming and impossible. 
  • You feel hopeless and like all your savings efforts are in vain. 
  • You're frustrated, angry, and feel like giving up when you don't see any progress made on your savings goals. 
  • You're a saver and you're aware that dreams require money, but all your attempts to put money into savings has not been successful. 

I felt all these negative emotions for a long time too. I was paying cash for my hubby's school and was frustrated because I wasn't making any progress towards my money dreams.

Until I started coloring in my progress based on how much I saved each month! 

The picture after 5 months of coloring my progress. I start to have hope that I will see all my hard work pay off as I reach this money dream!

Wow! I couldn't believe what a difference this simple way to track my progress has made in my life and finances!

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You will reach your savings dreams even quicker when you can see the progress you are making every month! 

How Does The Savings Tracker Color Page Work?

You pick a color page from the package of 3. Each image has been designed by hand. There is an image of a bird, chevron arrows, and a flower montage. 

Decide on one savings goal per color page. You will have much more success when you put all your efforts into saving for one thing at a time. 

Color in the page as you add money to your savings account. All the images are designed with spaces to color in each month when you add money to your savings account. You can visually track your savings, see how much progress you have made, and know how much there is left to go. 

Example: I have a picture that has 500 spaces to color. My money dream will take $15,000 to reach. Each space will be worth $300. Every time I have $300 to put towards my money dream, I color in one space.

There is something so powerful when you see your progress and you see there's an end in sight! 

After 9 months of coloring in my progress, I had saved enough money for my hubby's last year of school! This is a HUGE money dream that I had been working on for several years and  I am elated to have finally reached this milestone of paying for my husband's education with cash!!

(**I overestimated how many spaces I would need, and accomplished this dream before coloring in the whole picture- not a bad problem to have!)

As you track your savings by coloring in a picture, you will get

  • Motivation to cut expenses and bring in more income. 
  • Inspiration and hope as you realize that your money dreams are attainable. 
  • Encouragement as you see the progress you've made and the end in sight.
  • Accomplishment as you reach savings goals much faster. 


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