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Spend Less on Groceries: 40+ Great Tips You Don’t Want to Miss!

Spend less on groceries with tried and proven tips

Who else wants to spend less on groceries? 

I feel like such a rock star when I score a great deal and can save money on groceries!

It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 avocados for $1 or getting meat sale for half off, spending less on groceries is a tangible way I can stretch my money and get the most I can while paying as little as possible. 

There was that one time where I bought a huge cart of groceries worth $153 and only paid $33!! Believe me I was doing a happy dance all day long. 

Spend less on groceries with these incredible real life tips! | Cook With a Shoe

Yet, before I learned how to spend less on groceries, there was such a feeling of panic. The one bill where I could control how much was spent was often the one that was over, every single month. 

It was such a stressful time, I was responsible for feeding my family and trying to keep our grocery costs down… 

Yet, nothing I did worked. 

If you’ve been stressing out about how to save money on groceries, you’ve come to the right place! 

I asked my readers to chime in with their best ways to spend less on groceries, and below there is a wealth of ideas that will help rein in any out of control grocery budget! 

When you spend less on groceries, you will have more money to pay off debt or build savings. 

Set a reasonable grocery budget for your family - funded with enough money to get everything you need for the month.  

I've been placing my order online and picking it up. I am a visual person, so seeing my order and a total helps me be successful in keeping my total down and removing items I don't really need.  Shopping online with Superstore and paying the $3 pick up fee is well worth it!!

 I figured if I do it weekly, with a meal plan, I am less likely to run to the store for forgotten items or produce etc in the middle of the week.


Stack coupons with sale items. Find out how here. 

Menu plan, stick to the grocery list, and shop at discount grocery stores (I shop mainly at Aldi here in Oklahoma). Oh, and shop with cash only, tallying up the cost of each item as I shop. 


Stock up when items are on sale. 

Buy a whole chicken and cook it in the crock pot. Use the shredded meat in several dishes. 

I use our debit card, but keep a tally as I shop. And remember to allow for tax. Get produce from the local farmers market. It's cheaper, tastes better, and supports your local farmers


Use coupons! Grocery University is a great, audio course that teaches you how to use coupons and also how to maximize what you get while cutting your grocery budget - many of the concepts can be applied to shopping without coupons as well. 

Make a list and stick to it. If you don't have time to coupon or price match, use Walmart savings catcher app. It takes 30 seconds a trip and can be done anywhere.

Buy meat in bulk,  when it's on sale, and use a vacuum sealer to store the meat in the freezer. 

Set a weekly amount to spend on meat, dairy, and produce based on what your family eats. 

Buying in bulk. It's a major time and money saver. I keep an active shopping list on my fridge and every time I see that an item is almost over, I add it to the list. This way, I neither run out of them or have to do last-minute emergency shopping.

Use Ibotta to redeem cash back rewards after you shop at the grocery store.  It's free to sign up and you get a $10 bonus!

Have a garden. My sister is couponing again while she's on maternity leave & it helps a lot.


Take your grocery money for a month and buy a gift card at the store you frequent. Use the gift card to make your purchases. It helps you cut down on extra spending. 

Don't go shopping hungry or with kids.

Checkout 51 is another app where you can earn cash rewards when you scan your receipt after shopping.  

Use substitutions from what you already have at home, instead of running to the grocery store for just one item. 

Be prepared with a menu plan, so I don't order in. 


Use eMeals and get inexpensive menu plans each week, saving you both time and money as you spend less on groceries. 

Split a bulk purchase with a friend so you both can take advantage of the savings.

I volunteer at a local farm helping to pack their CSA boxes. For 4 hours of work, I can get a big box of beautiful, organic produce!


Create a price book - write down everything you buy and the lowest sale price, so you never overspend. 

Shop at different grocery stores to get the best deal. 

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Wow! So many ideas to spend less on groceries!

But do me a favor, don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to do everything on the list at once. 

Take one or two things and implement them, then add in a couple more. Keep going until your grocery spending is right on target with how much you want to spend on food. 

Even using a couple ideas on this list will help you save money on groceries and reduce the financial stress of overspending. 

So go forth and see how much you can save on groceries, each trip getting better and better!

A huge thank you to all my readers who contributed to this awesome list!! 

 Hey... did I miss anything?? Is there a great tip you have for spending less on groceries that isn't here?

Leave me a comment with your tip and I'll update the post!

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